Meridian Green made her home on the Mendocino Coast of California for over forty years. A fierce protector of ancient redwoods, pygmy forests, and rivers running wild to the sea, she’s worked on voter initiatives, campaigns for candidates, lobbied city councils and state legislators, been a community organizer and taken direct action in a lifelong effort to preserve a healthy planet and place for all people.

Once a founding member of the Caspar Community, she’s making a new home in Vancouver, Washington where the mighty Columbia River still carries her heart to the sea. She is, as ever, committed to “building community through music” and working with “everyone to change everything” as we step back from the brink!
Meridian Green’s original Americana folk fusion moves down the back roads of country music to the earthy rhythms of hoedowns, Motown, Brazilian jazz and Celtic jigs. With a voice described as angelic, she takes her listener on a journey through a lively neighborhood where the deeply personal lives next door to the purely fictional and flirts with the downright political.
Daughter of folk music legend Bob Gibson, Meridian grew up in Greenwich Village, enchanted by the magic of live music and songs well sung. First, playing Romanian czardas and Portuguese fado with the Gypsy Gulch International String Band, later playing bluegrass, West-Coast country rock, and her original songs with former member of the Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers, Gene Parsons, she’s traveled throughout the US, UK and Europe performing.
She has one solo and two duet albums to her credit, as well as guest appearances on a variety of other recordings. In addition to her writing, performing and community activism, Meridian is the co-creator of the Parsons/Green B-Bender, a guitar accessory made by Fender. Her musical, entrepreneurial and community work has been featured in the New York Times, BBC Radio, Vintage Guitar and Dirty Linen.