Current Engagements
Music Flows Out ~ Money Flows In

Managing IP assets for musicians and their heirs

Plumb manages IP assets for musicians and their heirs. We inventory the works created by a musician and the ownership of rights and then create an online archive of those assets. We work to generate income from those assets including song publishing, sound recordings and other works by obtaining licenses for new uses, re-issueing recording and enhancing streaming income from digital airplay.

DWELL-Being, Vancouver

Building community resilience.

Helping homeowners:

  • Build new ADU housing (Auxiliary Dwelling Units)
  • Transform lawns into edible landscapes
  • Weatherization and solar installation
  • Adopt fossil-free transportation
  • Age-in-place

Design, permits, financing, contractors, rental management.

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Recent Accomplishments

A website created as comprehensive online archive showcasing the music and story of Bob Gibson. This project was made possible by the proceeds from licensing Bob Gibson’s song “Joy Joy” for use in a charming, animated Coke ad created by Weiden Kennedy.

Until his story is made into a movie, you can read more here. “He was a devilishly charismatic choirboy in the midst of the fray as folk music was wrestled from the historical purists and redeemed as a popular art form. He was one of the redeemers. His repertoire and his life story reflect the contest between light and dark…”

Don Orange – Port of Vancouver

As an Organizing Fellow with the Washington State Conservation Voters, I got know this community’s most amazing DOers, the Don Orange volunteers. Our campaign to elect Don Orange to the Port of Vancouver spoke to 24,000 people in the Port district resulting in a landslide victory for an outstanding candidate committed to a vibrant, sustainable economy here in Vancouver, Washington. On January 9th, Don’s first official day in office, the Port Commission voted unanimously to end the lease with a company seeking to build the oil-by-rail terminal.

“Meaning Of Wealth” Contest Winner

When Columbia Credit Union said, “Tell us what ‘wealth’ means to you! Your vision of wealth is as unique as your thumbprint. Tell us your vision in 50 words or less – you could win $1,000!,” I submitted the winning entry.

β€œTo me, wealth is an apple tree, a garden, and a home where my grandson and I have a dog and a cat in a neighborhood where free-range children ride bicycles around the block. Wealth knows where home is on a photograph of earth taken from outer space.”

A Lifetime of Experience

StringBender, Inc.

The Parsons/Green B-Bender was created after the Fender Custom Shop began offering the Clarence White Signature Telecaster. It was equipped with a “Classic” Parsons/White B-Bender. The response was overwhelming. To meet the demand for StringBender-equipped guitars Gene Parsons and Meridian Green designed a new “Back-plate mounted” B-Bender. The Parsons/Green B-Bender was licensed to Fender Musical Instruments.

Caspar Commons

Caspar is still for sale — at least the 140 more-or-less acres owned by the Caspar Cattle Company after the headlands and riparian passed into public ownership on 20 December 2000. The people of Caspar are working hard to determine their own future, and the sale continues to loom. This page and our press clippings tell the story of the Community’s efforts.

California Redwood Summer

Judi Bari instigated an inspiring plan to draw attention to the destruction of old growth forests in Northern California by staging non-violent direct actions so stop the “harvest” but when a bomb went off in her car it became clear we weren’t just up against rapacious logging companies.