PLUMB ~ Music Flows Out ~ Money Flows In ~

Plumb manages IP assets for musicians and their heirs. We inventory the works created by a musician, clarify ownership of rights and create an online archive of assets. We work to generate income from those assets including song publishing, sound recordings and other works by obtaining licenses for new uses, reissuing recordings and enhancing streaming income from digital airplay.

Clients include Bob Gibson Family LLC, Byrdland Music (songs by Clarence White and Gene Parsons) Kyo Music (songs by Skip Battin) StringBender and Caspar Creek (songs by Meridian Green and Gene Parsons).

A Recent Song, Phono and Likeness License!

 Dog Owner Gets A Free Coke and Happiness! Bob Gibson recorded “Joy, Joy” in 1958 on THERE’S A MEETING HERE TONIGHT. It was one of three folk albums Gibson recorded for Riverside Records. After being out-of-print for a quarter of a century, Fantasy Records re-mastered of part of the Gibson catalog and released JOY JOY! THE YOUNG AND WONDERFUL BOB GIBSON in 1996. Then one day, almost twenty years later, with the Riverside catalog now part of Concord Music Group, a new use is suggested for “Joy Joy.” A charming, animated Coca-Cola ad needs music! To use this recording required licenses for the song, the recording, and a likeness license for Bob Gibson’s voice.

Wixen Music Publishing Administers Plumb Catalogs
Randall Wixen of Wixen Music Publishing, and his extraordinary staff, administer our copyrights since 1993.

Wixen recently filed a $1.6 billion copyright lawsuit against Spotify on behalf of Tom Petty, Weezer, Neil Young,  and his many other clients. The lawsuit follows the publishing company’s decision to opt-out of an earlier class action suit filed by singer-songwriter Melissa Ferrick and others, for which Spotify last year announced a $43.4 million settlement that is now facing final approval.