DWELL-Being, Vancouver – Building Community Resilience

An online discussion.

ADUs (Auxiliary Dwelling Units) – a climate-friendly solution to the need for housing.


  • Supporting Homeowners Building ADUs
  • Finances, Taxes and ROI
  • Design, permits
  • Contractors, Cohorts and Economy of Scale
  • Neighborhoods and Villages
  • Garden of Eating – Edible Landscapes
  • Energy Use- Weatherize, Solarize
  • Kingdom for A Car – Adopting fossil-free transportation
  • Families and Aging-in-Place
  • Rental management

Coming Soon! A Panel Discussion at the Fort Vancouver Library!

DRAWDOWN Solutions in SW-WA

DRAWDOWN Solutions in SW-WA

Bite-size Solutions - Responding to the climate emergency is an all hands on deck moment. Urging the City Council and the Clark County Public Utilities District and other local governing bodies to declare a climate emergency and adopt climate action plans is crucial...

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DWELL Being, Vancouver

DWELL Being, Vancouver

Bringing together knowledgeable professionals to help homeowners build Auxiliary Dwelling Units (ADUs) accelerates the creation of new housing and makes Vancouver and Clark County a better place to live for all.

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Home Is Where… Summer 2004

Home Is Where… Summer 2004

House Concert in Home, Washington in 2004 It turned out that the house concert I thought was in Lakebay, Washington was actually in a nearby town called Home. There is something deeply comforting about the cosmic twist that would have me going Home to play this first...

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January 3, 2018 – Letter to the Editor of the Columbian was inspired by an article on self-driving cars.

Build Community Resilience

With electric vehicles, soon-to-be self-driving, able to take us from our door to our destination, we’ll need fewer garages. Instead of housing cars, garages can be converted into housing for people. This energy-efficient, affordable approach to creating new housing uses existing infrastructure and avoids the carbon cost of heavy equipment and new roads. It moderately increases density while retaining the essential charm of our neighborhoods. Density can support more local economic activity and transportation efficiencies.

Imagine trading in the expense of car ownership for rental income and reduced housing costs. While remodeling the garage, other improvements can be made including weatherization, solar installation, replacing lawns with edible landscaping, planting or pruning trees to improve solar gain during winter and summer shade.

This will create community resilience with more housing, locally produced food, meaningful work, and healthier, more connected lives – all while reducing our reliance on fossil fuel. Climate activists, homeowners, housing groups, neighborhood organizations, city planners, building contractors, lenders, transportation experts, taxi drivers, solar installers, gardeners, arborists and other volunteers will all be needed to make this happen.

Climate change and new transportation options are upon us. Let’s work together creating the future we want for our community and planet.