House Concert in Home, Washington in 2004

It turned out that the house concert I thought was in Lakebay, Washington was actually in a nearby town called Home. There is something deeply comforting about the cosmic twist that would have me going Home to play this first show of my new life. Portland is a good place to land and catch my breathe.

I left the Mendocino Coast with 30 days notice after making my home there for 30 years. There are moments when I feel like I’m hurtling through a wormhole from one galaxy to another and wonder if I’ll ever again know so sweet a world as the one I left behind. When the sky got bright as I drove across the Narrows Bridge over Puget Sound to Gig Harbor, I remembered that I’ve always wanted to visit the land of Chief Seattle.

The event was organized by Dan Wilson of Flying W Guitars. He lived on the Mendocino Coast once upon a time, long ago. He got in touch via the website and offered to set up a house concert. Although my plan (and heart’s desire and lifelong dream) has long been to travel

and play house concerts it nevertheless took me months to confirm a date. It turns out I had to finish the old life before the new could begin.

Dee and Wayne Knight have lived in the turn of the century farmhouse looking across Puget Sound to Mount Rainier since 1953. Their home has the patina of years of hands-on loving kindness and a huge living room with the most harmoniously placed stage from which the performer can see the audience with a backdrop of water and mountains. The eclectic gathering of woodworkers, waitresses, lawyers, teachers, doctors, nurses, artists, oyster farmers and fellow musicians (plus some terrific kids) were all folks I hope to meet again. It was powerfully restorative for me to be among those kind people in that beautiful place.

If you are interested in having a house concert in your home town, please let me know. It would be my pleasure to come and play for your friends and neighbors. I also appreciate hearing about your favorite local venue.